“Make Someone’s Day

with a Bouquet!”

Click here to sign up for flower subscriptions!

Fresh-Cut- Fresh flowers are available on the table and by subscription. If no bouquets are out, please text for a pick-up time. Always accepting flower/color requests. Subscriptions starting at $10/bouquet.

Dried Flowers- Dried flowers last for years! They are the perfect spot holder when you are in between fresh bouquets. Multiple colors available making them perfect for any season. Also perfect for fall wedding bouquets. Check-out our dried flower wreaths under the pumpkins tab.

Flower Subscription Subscription are a great way to guarantee you get flowers regularly; either weekly or monthly. Please see subscription page for pricing and availability. Subscriptions starting at $10/bouquet.

Photo Ops- Need a good backdrop for your family photo, senior or engagement pictures? Text to set up a time to use the flower field, garden, or pumpkin patch. Bring an extra person to take your photo.

Centerpieces- Having a party? Needs some flowers to set out on your deck for the BBQ? Bring me your vases/containers and I will fill them for you. Text for set-up and pricing.

Weddings- I would love to hear your wedding plans and how you envision your flowers. Indoor or out, bouquets or containers, let’s talk! Text to set up an appointment.

Contact: 717-578-7955

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