Flower Subscriptions- NOW Available!

Duo Bouquet Subscription– Pick up 2 bouquets April-December: $25 -Recipient will contact BVF for pick date/time. Flowers will be seasonal per the dates picked.

Birthday/Anniversary Subscription– Pick up 2 bouquets…one for her birthday and one for your anniversary! $25 -You pick the dates! Flowers will be seasonal per the dates you pick.

Spring Bouquet Subscription– Pick up 4 bouquets of Springtime flowers April-May: $50 -This option will likely include tulips and daffodils.

Summer Bouquet Subscription– Pick up 4 bouquets of Summer blooms June-July: $50 -This option offers the most variety including marigolds, zinnias, bachelor buttons, poppy, strawflower, pincusion flower, and snapdragons.

Fall Bouquet Subscription– Pick up 4 bouquets of Autumn splendor August-Sept.: $50 -This is the most loved option because it includes sunflowers, cosmos, and hydrangeas.

Four Season Subscription– Pick up one bouquet for each season April-December: $50 -This option lets the recipient know you are thinking of them all year long!

Arrangement Subscription Pick up one arrangement for each season: $75 -Pick up a Spring bulb arrangement, Summer bloom arrangement, Fall pumpkin arrangement, and winter pine arrangement. Includes a vase!

Bouquets fill a wide-mouth mason jar nicely. For each subscription you will receive a card in the mail confirming your purchase. This card can be given to the recipient as a gift. Pick up dates will be established by the recipient. Bouquets or arrangements may be picked up from the table located at 2260 Slagel Rd. in Spring Grove, PA. Subscriptions make great gifts; they truly are a gift that keeps on giving! Subscribe before January 31st and receive a free BVF calendar!

please email/text to reserve today!

Egg, Produce, and Flower Subscriptions


Fresh eggs the way you like them! White and brown eggs from our happy free-range chickens. Available by the dozen. $3.50/dozen

Summer 2021!

We offer $10 produce boxes on a weekly or monthly basis. Boxes may include locally grown fruits, vegetables, and/or eggs. What will you get and how will you use it?! Boxes include $10 worth of produce.

Starting Spring 2021!

Never let your vase go dry or surprise someone different each week with a designed bouquet. Available for pick up weekly. Starting at $12.50/bouquet.

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