Potpourri & Vessels

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White Lilac

This is the iconic scent of spring! You can almost feel that gentle breeze and warm sunshine. White Lilac is a deep floral scent that gets you excited for those first blooms of spring.



This potpourri is BVF’s signature scent. It is perfect for anytime of year. It’s scent will remind you of an old farmhouse with plank floors that have been warmed by a wood burning fire. It has hints of maple, cinnamon, and rich butter cream. Sold by the bag- size 5″x4″x2″


Mountain Blueberry

This scent will remind you of wild blueberry bushes growing on a rocky mountain side. It smells like the blueberries have been gently warmed by the sun and has notes of cinnamon and vanilla bean. Sold by the bag- size 5″x4″x2″


Orange Spice

This is the scent of your favorite primitive shop. It is perfect for any time of year and pairs oranges with cinnamon, spice, and a hint of fresh pine. Sold by the bag- size 5″x4″x2″



This old fashioned scent will remind of you of wonderful days gone by! It is our most masculine scent with notes of bay leaves, cinnamon, musk, and pine.


Winter Woods

This scent is for the person who appreciates a walk in the woods. It pairs the fresh scents of pine, light cinnamon, and crisp winter air. It goes great in a vessel next to your faux Christmas tree. Sold by the bag- size 5″x4″x2″


Orange Spice Dough Bowl

Classic Orange Spice scent nestled in a natural dough bowl. Comes wrapped and ready to gift. Size 9″x5″


Winter Woods Dough Bowl

Winter Woods potpourri nestled in a natural dough bowl. Makes a great gift; truly a gift that keeps on giving. Comes wrapped and ready to give. Size 9″x5″



Sachets are perfect for placing in small spaces like drawers and closets. You can even stash one under your car seat. Attach to gifts bags for that extra wow factor! Available in any scent.


Orange Slices

Have an old fashioned Christmas by decorating with dried fruit. These orange slices spruce up a wreath, garland, or tree. Also beautiful displayed in a clear vase. Approx. 25 slices per bag.


Citrus Wreath

Perfect for anytime of year, this orange slice wreath offers a fresh look and smells great! Measures 12″x12″


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