1 Dozen Eggs

Purchase one dozen fresh eggs; pick up at your convenience.


You can certainly taste and see the difference between our farm-fresh eggs versus other eggs. It is true that eggs can stay at room temperature until cleaned. Cleaning the eggs removes the “bloom” which allows more air to enter the egg shell. The air is what begins to make the eggs spoil. Assume your eggs from BVF have been cleaned, as we would never want you to have a dirty egg shell. Eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-4 months. It is best to keep them at a consistent temperature, therefore the fridge door is not the best place to store eggs.

Our eggs are sold by the dozen. Please message BVF to set up a time to pick-up your eggs. We have a very quick turnover and the eggs you get will have been laid within the week of purchase. If you are worried about us selling out, please consider an egg subscription to reserve your dozens in advanced.

Your eggs may be white, dark brown, light brown, or green. Shell color makes no difference in the taste or quality of the actual egg, but if you are particular, please let us know!

The BVF hens have time to roam outside each day. They enjoy scratching in the dirt and sunning themselves on warm days. They are fed a diet of cracked corn and laying mash which includes the appropriate amount of protein and fat for their lifestyle. In addition to feed, they are given grit and oyster shell. The grit helps to break down their food and the oyster shell helps to strengthen their egg shells.

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